Careers at Kukan

Kukan startup based in Shenzhen. Our staffs come from different country. We’re looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join us in distributing premium content around the world.

Why Work Here

Customer Focused

Kukan exists to serve our customers, and help their content become more popular around the world.

Freedom and Flexibility

Stay at home, come in to the office, or work from your favorite coffee shop-we give our team the autonomy and tools needed for success.


Customize Your Workspace

Want a stand-up desk? Need plants? PC? No problem. Your budget, your choices.

Work Where You Want

Be free to stay at home, come in to the office, or work from a coffee shop.

Make a Difference

Be measured by your impact, not your effort. Help create real jobs for real people.

Have Fun

Plan and participate in events like bowling, baseball games, ski trips and happy hours.

Get Paid

Be generously compensated by a well-funded startup. Enjoy full benefits, equity,

Stretch Yourself

Learn new skills: talk to customers, project management, or learn to design. We will push you to your limits.

Current Openings

Social Media Editor

  • Content editing and posting on social network platforms such as on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Familiar with films, TV dramas and stars in China or Korea. Interested in Chinese culture.
  • Able to find entertainment hot topics and generate content accordingly.
  • Writing and basic graphics abilities.
  • Stable work hours and able to complete tasks to meet project objectives.

Language requirement: Fluent in English and Chinese.
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Anywhere

  • รับผิดชอบในการจัดทำและเผยแพร่เนื้อหาบนสื่อโซเชียลมีเดีย อาทิเช่น เฟสบุ๊ค, อินสตาแกรม, TikTokเป็นต้น
  • มีความคุ้นเคยกับเนื้อหาของละครภาพยนต์ รวมไปถึงรู้จักดารานักแสดงของประเทศจีน เกาหลี เป็นอย่างดี มีความสนใจในวัฒนธรรมจีน
  • มีความคุ้นเคยในการค้นหาเนื้อหาละครภาพยนต์หรือจุดเด่นของดารา สามารถวางแผนเนื้อหาได้
  • มีความสามารถในการแก้ไขรูปภาพและเนื้อหาขั้นพื้นฐาน
  • มีเวลาเพียงพอที่จะสามารถทำงานให้เสร็จตามเป้าหมายได้

ข้อกำหนดด้านภาษา : มีความเชี่ยวชาญในภาษาไทย และภาษาจีน
เงินเดือน : ตกลงตอนสัมภาษณ์
สถานที่ : ไม่กำหนด

  • Phụ trách biên tập và đăng tải nội dung trên các kênh truyền thông, ví dụ Facebook, Instagram, TikTok…
  • Thông hiểu về nội dung và các ngôi sao truyền hình Trung Quốc, Hàn Quốc; có hứng thú về văn hóa Trung Quốc.
  • Biết cách khai thác nội dung phim ảnh và tin hot ngôi sao, tiến hành lên kế hoạch nội dung.
  • Có khả năng căn bản trong việc biên tập văn bản và hình ảnh.
  • Có thời gian ổn định, có thể hoàn thành công việc theo yêu cầu của của hạng mục.

Yêu cầu ngôn ngữ: Tinh thông tiếng Trung, tiếng Việt.
Đãi ngộ: Thỏa thuận.
Địa điểm: Không giới hạn.

Translator Manager

  • Managing other translators to ensure delivery progress and quality.
  • Bachelor degree or above, English can be used as working language;
  • Careful and responsible, delivering tasks on time with quality and quantity;
  • Teamwork spirit and overall management ability.

Language: Fluent in English, both oral and written.
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Anywhere

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