Bring premium content around the world

Our Story

In 2016, we developed an APP focusing on Chinese programmes for Chinese users outside the mainland China which obtained more than 1 million users quickly after its launch. In the process, we found that many non-Chinese local users, especially young people, also liked Chinese content. However, most of the Chinese production companies do not understand the potential of the overseas markets and therefore do not pay attention to it. Thus many users find access to Chinese programmes through piracy, which cannot guarantee quality viewing experience. We have seized this opportunity to introduce lots of Chinese content and partners to conduct localized operations on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, which quickly narrowed the distance between content and users, and covered more than 10 million users.
Presently, we distribute Chinese content to overseas markets rapidly, as well as bring overseas content into Chinese market. Through translation and localized operation and promotion, we help the content to not only obtain more users worldwide, but also much more revenue.

Our Mission

Kukan is committed to spread premium content around the globe effectively through diversified platforms and methods. In human society, diversity brings disputes; but also fantastic cultures. We hope that the premium content we bring to our users will help them understand better the advantages and disadvantages of different cultures, and become more tolerant and integrated.